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Thank you for applying to live at Chesapeake Commons! Our application process consists of four parts: credit check, rent history verification, employment/student verification, and criminal history check.

Note: In order to reserve a specific apartment, we require a fully completed application, credit check authorization form, reservation agreement, application fees, deposit, and supporting documents. We can reserve an apartment for up to 21 days with all necessary documents and payments.

There is a non-refundable $30 application fee per applicant due upon submission of application. All adults (18+ years) must submit an application. Also note that all residents will be listed on the lease agreement.

  • Application fees may be paid through our website (https://chesapeakecommons.residentport.com/). You will have to create an account in order to make a payment.
  • You may also pay the application fee by personal check or money order.

*Applications may be submitted electronically through DocuSign. Please contact us directly so that we can email you a link through DocuSign. Otherwise, you can download the required documents from the links below.

Click here to download the Application.

Click here to download the Credit Check Authorization.

Click here to download the Reservation Agreement.

(These documents must be signed. Then they can be hand delivered, mailed, scanned and emailed, or faxed to us. Contact us if you would like to submit these forms electronically through DocuSign.)

  • Please fill out completely and sign the application, credit check authorization, and reservation agreement. Please make sure to specify the apartment in which you are interested, your preferred move in date, and if you will have a pet and/or a car. This will help determine pricing and amount of security deposit for the unit.

You will also need to provide proof of employment or student information and other documents including:

  • Employment verification: Two most recent pay stubs (at least one month's worth), or an employment offer letter on company letterhead with start date and salary amount listed, or a w2 form from the previous year, or a tax return from the previous year if you are self-employed.
  • OR Student verification: Offer letter plus other official documents detailing stipend, financial aid package, and/or loan package for current or upcoming semester (Note: Students without sufficient income will be asked to provide a Lease Guarantor. Guarantors must also go through the same application process and pay the application fee.)
  • AND Two most recent bank statements, either checking or savings account.
  • AND Photo ID.

An application will not be considered until all necessary information is submitted and payment is received.

After you are approved:

If you have not already submitted your deposit, we will ask you to do so now in order to officially reserve an apartment. The amount of the deposit is based on your application.

  • At the time you submit your deposit, you will sign a Reservation Agreement. This document notes the rental rate, deposit amount, preferred move-in date, and states your intention to sign a lease for an apartment. You will have 5 business days after the lease is sent to you to rescind in writing your intention to move and receive your deposit back.
  • Deposits may be paid through our website (https://chesapeakecommons.residentport.com/). You will have to create an account here in order to make a payment. You may also pay by personal check or money order.
  • An apartment will not be considered as officially reserved and will not be taken off the market until the deposit payment is received and a Reservation Agreement is signed.

Before you move in:

  • After the application process is complete and deposit is received, the Leasing Office draws up your lease, which includes the lease start and end dates, rental rate, parking fee (if you have a car) and pet fees (if you have a pet). The lease must be signed prior to the start of your lease.
  • You are given information on setting up utilities, etc. (BG&E Electric, Renters Insurance, Internet, Cable, Telephone, Parcel Pending, etc) and building policies and procedures.
  • You will fill out additional forms so we know how to contact you, who to contact in case of emergency, etc.
  • The first month's rent and any other applicable fees (such as pet or parking fees) are due by the start of the lease.
  • You must obtain Renters Insurance, start Electricity in your name, and sign up for Parcel Pending by the start of the lease.
  • You must schedule a move-in date and time (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm) with the Leasing Office. We do this in order to reserve the move-in entrance and elevator for you.
  • All necessary paperwork must be completed and signed and all payments must be made before keys will be released. There are no exceptions to this.

 Click here for New Resident Information Documents

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